About Us

Clatsop, Columbia and Tillamook Counties

Formed in 1993, the NW Oregon Economic Alliance (NOEA) is a partnership between Clatsop, Columbia and Tillamook counties, with the original purpose of administering the Regional Investment and Rural Investment lottery funds allotted to the three-county region from 1994--2000.  Today, NOEA manages state-funded projects for Clatsop, Columbia and Tillamook counties.

Oversight of the Alliance is by a nine member Regional Board, three representatives per county, appointed by the County Commissions:

  • Clatsop County:  Bruce Jones, Frank Spence, Lianne Thompson
  • Columbia County: Henry Heimuller, Kathy Engel
  • Tillamook County: Bill Baertlin, Val Folkema, Van Moe
Staff Contact: Mary McArthur 503/228-5565 or mbmcarthur@nworegon.org


Oregon Economic and Community Development www.econ.state.or.us
NW Oregon Regional Development Officer, Melanie Olson melanie.olson@state.or.us 503/801-7155

NOEA Administration

Executive Director, Mary McArthur mbmcarthur@nworegon.org
4336 SW Condor Ave, Portland, OR 97239

Other Contacts

Columbia-Pacific Economic Development District: 503/397-3099
Clatsop Economic Development Resources  (CEDR): 503/338-2342
Columbia County Economic Team (CCET): 503/410-1061
Tillamook County Economic Development: 503/842-8222 x 1410