About Us

The Northwest Oregon Regional Partnership is a collaborative working relationship among local leaders in the public and private sectors in Clatsop, Columbia, Tillamook and western Washington Counties, and the Governor's NW Oregon Economic Revitalization Team (department directors of: Economic and Community Development, Housing and Community Services, Environmental Quality, Transportation, Land Conservation and Development, and Forestry.) This Partnership of regional leaders working to address regional issues and identify priorities, has a Steering Committee that meets monthly and regional forums of all stakeholders twice a year.

Regional Partnership Mission

Promote and sustain healthy communities through a diversified economic base while being responsible stewards of the region's natural resources.

Partnership Participants

The Partnership is inclusive of all stakeholders in the region, including but not limited to:

  • County Government
  • Municipalities
  • Port Districts
  • Regional Economic Development Entities
  • Workforce Training & Support Organizations
  • Transportation Districts/Organizations
  • Housing Agencies & Organizations
  • Education/School Districts
  • Community Colleges & Higher Education
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Local Economic Development Councils
  • Watershed Councils
  • Other Regional/Local Natural Resource Organizations
  • Utilities
  • Private Sector
  • Tribes
  • Northwest Oregon Economic Revitalization Team

Stakeholders are invited and encouraged to attend Partnership meetings. All meetings are open to the public and advance public notice is given of Partnership deliberations.

Functions of the Partnership

The Partnership performs the following functions:

  1. Coordinates and communicates selected federal, state, regional and local economic development information, processes, plans and investments affecting the region.
  2. Using existing locally based strategic plans, develops regional action strategies which:
    1. Identify priority issues, problems and goals for the region;
    2. Develops and promotes strategies to leverage resources towards meeting the region's goals;
    3. Monitors and measures progress toward meeting the region's goals.
    These regional action strategies, with the concurrence of the NW Oregon Economic Revitalization Team, provide a guide for strategic action by appropriate regional bodies, state agencies, and federal agencies. 
  3. Shares information among communities and regional bodies and organizations to provide a forum for public discussion of significant community development issues among local, state and federal participants;
  4. Supports and endorses local community and regional projects consistent with the region's economic development goals and strategies;
  5. Works to identify and resolve conflicts hindering progress towards meeting objectives in the community and region in the areas of land use, economic development, transportation, housing, workforce development, environmental quality and forestry.
  6. Provides opportunities for direct interaction with the regional legislative and congressional delegation to discuss priority issues. Advocates a regional economic development agenda with state and federal policy makers as needed to achieve Partnership goals.
  7. Provides opportunities for regional forums to disseminate information, develop and update regional priorities, publicly discuss significant issues among local stakeholders and state and federal decision makers, and to work toward consensus on issues of concern within the region.
  8. Develops and tracks performance measures for community and economic development investments within the region.

Partnership Priority Issues

  • Business and Economic Development
  • Workforce Development

Partnership Principles

The Partnership Principles are the result of an agreement developed at a local government summit attended by the Governor, county and city officials. The preamble of the agreement states: All governments working together provide a better means through which the people of Oregon can achieve their aspirations. Obtaining our preferred future requires a partnership guided by the following principles, objectives and interests.

In summary, the Principles are:

  1. Support each Oregon community's vision for the future;
  2. Work together to achieve these visions;
  3. Build the trust necessary to take risks that future change may require;
  4. Take risks that future change may require;
  5. Include all stakeholders and their interests;
  6. Build policies and services from the local level
  7. Negotiate responsibilities based on common goals;
  8. Mobilize public and private resources toward these goals;
  9. Be good stewards of Oregon's values and resources; and
  10. Maintain the continuity and integrity of the partnership and its goals.