NWACT's Bylaws are the Commission's operating procedures.

The Bylaws provide for the day-to-day implementation of NWACT's Charter. Updated along with NWACT's Charter, the NWACT Board adopted revised Bylaws in November, 2004. The Bylaws include NWACT's:

  • Mission Roles and Responsibilities
  • Voting, Alternate, Ex-Officio and General Stakeholder Membership
  • Officers
  • Election of Officers
  • Executive Steering Committee
  • Terms of Office
  • Member Orientation and Responsibilities
  • Decision-Making and Basis for Decision-Making
  • Regular and Special/Emergency Meetings
  • Meeting Quorums
  • Work Plan Development
  • Staffing
  • Public Involvement
  • Coordination with Other Entities and Stakeholders
  • Amendments
NWACT Bylaws pdf Document