NW Oregon CEDS

What is the NW Oregon Comprehensive Economic Development Plan?

NW Oregonís Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is a collaborative Plan that combines and coordinates the economic development activities of the Columbia-Pacific Economic Development District (Col-Pac), NW Oregon Economic Alliance (NOEA), NW Oregon Area Commission on Transportation (NWACT), NW Oregon Workforce Investment Board (NWIB), NW Oregon Regional Solutions Team (NWRST) and Clatsop, Columbia, Tillamook and western Washington Counties economic development councils.

The CEDS provides a regional framework and overview to NW Oregonís economic development landscape, drawing upon the needs, issues, goals and strategies of the regionís local, regional, state and federal partners and private industry.

How is the CEDS Developed?

The NW Oregon CEDS is a flexible and dynamic planning document that is reviewed annually, with a full economic update every five years.  Drafting of the CEDS is a collaborative effort, with input through public meetings with all of the public partners and private stakeholders.  The 2018--2023 CEDS includes a full regional economic analysis, updated with the most current census, employment and business trending data.  Another key addition in 2018--2023 CEDS is the inclusion of the NW Oregon Regional Solutions Team mission and priorities, which mirror those of Col-Pacís, while providing direct connections to the regionís state agencies.

Why Does NW Oregon have a CEDS?  How is it Used?

NW Oregonís CEDS provides guidance and context for implementing specific economic development activities and project investments.  The economic development goals, strategies and performance measures in NW Oregonís CEDS are a composite of the regionís local economic development service delivery system.  Based on their own identified needs and issues, local partners identify key projects that meet their economic development goals, which are then matched with potential funding or collaborative partners using the CEDS platform.  The regional approach allows for cross-pollination of projects, development expertise and regulatory agency involvement so critical in our time of limited resources.

NW Oregon's CEDS is a required element of the federal Economic Development Administration's (EDA) regional economic development program.

2018-2023 CEDS (Approved September 2018) pdf Document