ConnectOregon III

ConnectOregon III

ConnectOregon III is a third round of $100 million transportation funding focusing on improving utilization and efficiency of non-highway modes of transportation in Oregon. Projects must benefit or connect more than two modes of transportation: Aviation, marine, rail or transit. Projects must be ready for construction and demonstrate a reduction in transportation costs when implemented.  Sixteen Project Applications pdf Document  from NW Oregon are being reviewed for ConnectOregon III funding by ODOT Region.  (Region 2 will be prioritizing the applications for Clatsop and Tillamook couonties):

Region 2 Clatsop and Tillamook counties:
Astoria 17th St Dock Reconstructionpdf Document
Astoria Airport Hangar pdf Document
Astoria Airport Lower IFR Minimums pdf Document
Columbia River Bar Pilot Safety Technology pdf Document 
Greening Rural Oregon Hybrid Buses pdf Document 
Port Astoria Pier1 Crane pdf Document
Port Astoria Pier 3 Barge Dock pdf Document
Port Astoria Tug Service pdf Document
Sunset Empire Transit Ctr pdf Document 
Tillamook Airport Terminal & Cargo Apron pdf Document
Tongue Point Rail Spur pdf Document

Region 1 Columbia and western Washington counties:
 P & W RR Banks Rail Connection pdf Document
 P & W RR Columbia River Corridor Upgrade pdf Document
Port St Helens Industrial Park Rail Spur pdf Document
Sause Bros Heavy Lift Equipment pdf Document
Teevin Bros Rail to Barge Facility pdf Document

ConnectOregon III applications go through a five step review process:

Application Review Process/Procedures/Criteria pdf Document

  1. Completeness Review--ODOT staff  verify all required information is included in the application
  2. Eligibility Review--ODOT staff verify the application meets all the minimum eligibility criteria
  3. Modal Committee Review--Depending on the type of project, applications are reviewed and ranked by one of five modal committees (Aviation, Freight, Marine, Rail and Transit ).
  4. Regional Committee Review--Local area commissions on transportation (eg, NWACT) rank and prioritize the projects submitted from their region.  ODOT planning staff prepare a draft "Tier" recommendations for NWACT.     Then NWACT reviews, ranks and priotizes the projects.  Note:  Region 2 Applications will be prioritized by the Clatsop and Tillamoook County NWACT members.  Region 1 Applications will be prioritized within the JPACT process.  (See Chapter 4 and Appendix A8 of the Application Review Process (linked above)
  5. Final Review--NWACT's Region 2 recommendations go to the "Super ACT" for their review and ranking
  6. Oregon Transportation Commission--Makes the final decisions.
NWACT will be reviewing all applications and ranking those in Region 2 on April 8, 2010 at Tillamook Bay Community College, 4301 E 3rd St,   Tillamook.

For additional information contact:  Mary McArthur, NWACT staff, at or 503/228-5565.