Connect Oregon IV

Connect Oregon IV

Connect Oregon IV is $40 million, fourth round, transportation funding focusing on improving utilization and efficiency of non-highway modes of transportation in Oregon. Projects must benefit or connect more than two modes of transportation: Aviation, marine, rail or transit. Projects must be ready for construction and demonstrate a reduction in transportation costs when implemented.  Eight applications  from NW Oregon were submitted for ConnectOregon IV funding:

Port of Astoria Pier 2 Upgrade pdf Document

Port of Garibaldi Commercial Ave Wharf Reconstruction pdf Document

Port of StHelens Multnomah Rail Extension pdf Document

Port of St Helens Scappoose AirPark Water/Sewer Line Extension pdf Document

Port of Tillamook Bay Airport Runway Rehabilitation pdf Document

Portland & Western Railroad Rainier Siding Extension pdf Document

Sause Bros Heavy Lift Equipment Acquisition-Rainier pdf Document

Teevan Bros T-Pier Rainier pdf Document

Application Review and Prioritizing Process.  The Aviation, Marine, Rail and Transit Modal Committees have reviewed and ranked all the ConnectOregonIV applications, as has the Freight Advisory Committee:
CO4 Applications NWACT Summary pdf Document

The review and ranking process for NWACT members will follow is: outlined below:
CO4 Applications Review and Ranking Instructions pdf Document 

The eight applications were presented according to the following schedule:
CO4 Application Presentation Schedule pdf Document

Region 1 (Columbia County):  Rankings pdf Document
1)  Teevin Bros T-Pier
2)  Portland & Western Rainier Siding Extension
3)  Port of St Helens Multnomah Industrial Park Siding Extension
4)  Sause Bros Heavy Equipment
5)  Port of St Helens Scappoose Airpark water/sewer extension

Region 2  (Clatsop and Tillamook Counties):  Rankings pdf Document
1)  Port of Tillamook Bay Airport Runway Improvements
2)  Port of Garibaldi Wharf Improvements
3)  Port of Astoria Pier 2 Improvements

NWACT Review Comments pdf Document
NWACT Scoring Sheet pdf Document