2015--2018 STIP (Enhance Projects)

2015-18 STIP (Enhance Projects)

Every two years the Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC) establishes funding levels for various programs within the broader Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).  Beginning with the 2015-2018 STIP cycle, a different process is being used. 
Previously, the OTC set funding levels and selected projects for each program individually.  The new process focuses on identifying the best projects, regardless of category, and then creatively and flexibly uses available federal and state funds to deliver those projects.  This change is in response to direction from the Governor and the OTC to strategically integrate programs and funding sources and become a truly multi-modal transportation agency that delivers sustainable transportation solutions addressing a variety of state and community needs and objectives. Additional adjustments to the new program may be made as it is being implemented.

18 Enhance Applications are submitted by the November 27, 2012 deadline, all of which met the minimum requirements.  NWACT Enhance Application List pdf Document

Astoria OR202 Sidewalks pdf Document
Bay City Hwy 101 Intersection pdf Document
Seaside Broadway-Hwy 101 pdf Document
Seaside Hwy 101 Ped Islands pdf Document
SETD Buses pdf Document
Tillamook Hwy 101 & 6 MultiModal Connections pdf Document
Tillamook Co Cloverdale Hwy 101 Wayside pdf Document

Archived Information
12/11/12--ODOT provides additional information regarding NWACT first review of the applications.  Terry Cole (ODOT) 150% Funding Email pdf Document
11/7/12 --Oregon Transportation Commission provides further background on the new STIP/Enhance Application process.  Egan(OTC)LetterACTS(11-7-12).pdf pdf Document
New STIP Selection Process pdf Document
STIP 2015-18 Selection Process Guidelines pdf Document
STIP Application Form pdf Document
June OTC Packet Funding Allocation pdf Document