2021--2024 Fix-It Projects

2021--2024 ODOT Fix-It Projects

The Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC) has provided ODOT Regions with a new funding source for adding modernization elements to Fix-It projects on the State highway system. These funds are allocated to a new program called the Leverage Program. Approximately $23 million has been allocated for Region 2’s Leverage Program in the Fiscal Year 2021-2024 STIP.  Region staff is responsible for identifying potential “leverage” elements associated with Fix-It project activities and determining
the cost and feasibility of those elements through the upcoming scoping process scheduled to take place this summer.

As part of this process, Region 2 welcomes ideas for possible leverage opportunities that might be added to our Fix-It project list.  To be clear, this is not a project application process like the previous two rounds of the discontinued Enhance Program. Region 2 and the OTC are solely responsible for deciding which project elements will be added to our Fix-It projects and funded through the Leverage Program. They simply are looking for any ideas about Leverage-eligible activities that could be added to the potential Fix-It projects before field scoping begins in July.

A guideline/summary of the Leverage Program, with an overview describing which project elements are eligible for Leverage funding, is included in the attached memo.

ODOT Leverage Program Memo (5-10-2018) pdf Document

Below is a table showing the potential Fix-It projects in our Area and corresponding location maps specifying where these potential projects are located. Do keep in mind that, at this point, the Fix-It projects listed are on our 150% list, meaning not all of these projects will be selected for implementation. ODOT will decide which projects to advance to the100% list after each project is scoped and they have a better idea
of costs and other project challenges. Based on these guidelines and your local knowledge, if there are any improvements that you think may be added to one of the Fix-It projects in the accompanying table, please share your ideas with Lisa Nell, Area Manager or Area Planner, Ken Shonkwiler, by June 27, 2018:

Lisa Nell, Area Manager

Ken Shonkwiler, Area Planner

Potential Fix-It Projects in NWACT Area pdf Document

OR 6 Devils Lake Fork Wilson River Bridge Map pdf Document
OR 47 Rock Creek Bridge (Vernonia) Map pdf Document
OR 131 Tillamook River Bridge Map pdf Document
OR 202 North Fork Klatskanine River Bridge Map pdf Document
US 26 Hayward Rd--NW Mountaindale Rd Map pdf Document
US 26 Left Turn Lane Map pdf Document
US 26 Skiberene (Necanicum River) Bridge (Seaside) Map pdf Document
US 30 Clatskanie Bluff Rockfall Phase 2 Map pdf Document
US 30 E 5th St--W 4th St (Rainier) Map pdf Document
US 30 Goble Creek Bridge Map pdf Document
US 30 Queue Warning System Map pdf Document
US 30 Rainier Wonderly Rd Map pdf Document
US 30 Tide Creek - Rainier Map pdf Document
US 101 Toll Bridge Signal Replacement (Astoria) Map pdf Document
US 101 Astoria-Megler (Columbia River) Bridge Map pdf Document
US 101 Juno Bridge over Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad Map pdf Document